Forwarding Services


Import and Export Customs Clearance

We will handle the whole process of customs clearance

of both import and export once we hear the requested

sending date and receiving date. We have professional

staff around the world acquainted with custom procedures

of each area.


IMPORT SHIPPING FORWARDER                     

The Jobs we have handled

-Have successfully imported chemicals classified as “DG Cargo” by applying license

beforehand, and preparing special storage.

-Handled frequent shipments of food products and completed the complex Customs

Clearance, FDA Inspection and application of FDA License.

-Negotiated with Excise Tax department to refund penalty of VAT that

occurred when BOI imported cargo was found to have damage.

-Successfully transported 30,000kgs machine from Bangkok Port to Customer Factory.

Commodities we have handled


-construction materials


-electronic goods







The Jobs we have handled

The Jobs we have handled

-Handled export shipment of famous consumer products using good quality

container, and careful transporting.

-Corresponded to late night operation and twenty-four hours pick-up job.

-Have exported consumer electronic products, such as television, around 200

containers per month.

Commodities we have handled


-air bag


-electronic goods






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Sea Transportation (NVOCC)

We provide the most effective service with our door to

door multi-modal transportation system, combining sea,

air, and road transport. We enable your contact, negotiation

efficiency and reduce unnecessary trouble.



What our NVOCC Team do

Our NVOCC team handles global sea transportation between Thailand and overseas destination and overseas to Thailand. We support customers by combining services that will transport goods with most efficiency.

By using Mitsui-Soko, you will be able to use the services of all the shipping companies that have a contract with Mitsui-Soko. We negotiate for the best shipping services in place of customers, effectively giving customers time and space to focus on their other important businesses.

NVOCC Export/Import

We have experience with shipments around the world. In recent cases, the most

frequent shipments are to/from Japan, and other Asian countries


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Air Transportation

We provide logistics service through customer perspective

with speed, trust, and expertise. We have gained great

 reputation from customers handling complex goods.



Our Airport team offers quick, safe, and minimum cost transportation to our customers.

We advise our customers with ideas to make the whole transportation process complete.

AIR Export

Our export service includes picking up cargo from customer’s place, transport to airport, export customs clearance, and follow-up with destination side.

Japan is the most popular destination for air export shipments.

AIR Import

Our import service includes import customs clearance, and transportation to customer’s

place. Especially, our service is frequently used in case of urgent delivery from abroad. 

We have experience in importing a wide variety of cargo from food products, machine parts, and chemicals. 


  3PL Services

In Mitsui-Soko's third-party logistics (3PL), we are

entrusted with all or a portion of our customers'

logistics and propose plans for management,

operations, and sustainable improvement in a

comprehensive manner. We make proposals focusing


on operations, based on location, cost, and quality