Warehouse Services


Warehouse Services

Our warehouse keeps customer goods without degrading the quality. We make use of our various facilities, warehouse temperature, humidity and luminosity to keep the goods at their best condition.



































Mitsui-Soko Logistics Center Bangna Km.30

Best location in the middle of Central and Eastern area

-        22  Km. from Airport

-        39  Km. from Bangkok Port

-        79  Km. from Laemchabang Port

This warehouse is located in between the center of Ayutthaya and Eastern Chonburi  where manufacturers are active. This location makes it very easy for customers to receive material goods on time with their manufacturing process


Mitsui-Soko Logistics Center Bangna Km.19

Best location in central area not far from main industrial estate around Bangkok

-        10  Km. from Airport

-        20  Km. from Bangkok Port

The close location to urban areas makes this warehouse an ideal place to store consumer goods such as electronic applicants and other household goods.


Advantage of our Warehouse Services

-        Flood zone free

-        5 Stars Warehouse Certification from Department of Internal Trade


-        Our own Warehouse Management System customize to support different requirement from each customer