Privacy Policy

This Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) sets out the role of the Mitsui-Soko Thailand Group (“we,” “us,” or “our”) with regard to collection, use, disclosure, or processing. with personal information of partners Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 (PDPA), this policy will apply to personal data in our possession. or under our control, including personal data in the possession of organizations we have hired to collect, use, disclose, or take any action according to the purposes we have specified.

1. Definition of personal information

Under this announcement

“Partners” and persons who (a) have contacted or are involved with us through the use of our products or services; (b) have entered into a contract with us to purchase our products or services; (c) have entered into A contract or transaction with us to sell products or services to us.

“Personal information” means any information, whether true or not. Or is it not true that which can make Individuals can be identified from that information. Including any other information which we have or that we may have access to that information Any other requirements mentioned in this announcement. shall have the meaning as specified in the PDPA (if the definition is determined to be able to be done")

“Mitsui-Soco Thailand Group” means Affiliated companies of Mitsui-Soko Thailand, consisting of Mitsui-Soco (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mitsui-Soco (Chiang Mai) Co., Ltd., Mits Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mits Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as well as companies that Affiliated companies of Mitsui-Soko Thailand have voting rights, whether directly or indirectly. Where the financial and operating policies of the said company are Under the control of affiliates of Mitsui-Soco Thailand and any other specifically designated companies.

2. Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

Your information will be stored and used for the purposes specified in this announcement. and if necessary We may disclose your personal information to third parties. according to the following objectives

Document Characteristics of data Objective
To store data
Data storage period
Distributor or customer Copy of ID card or passport, full name in English and Thai, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, age, address, photo information, mobile phone number, email, bank account information such as passbook information

(a) Objectives regarding Products and services According to your request.

(b) for us to comply Relevant laws and prepare contracts correctly.

(c) to check authenticity Your identity and Other purposes for which you have provided such information to us.

(d) Carry out the payment process. money and provide information to Revenue Department that we have paid How much money do you give?

(e) Offer marketing information. About products and services including informing you to our service activities

This information will be stored during the term of the contract or during the course of business between us. When the contract or our business is terminated, it will be stored for a further period of 2. Year

In this regard, the personal information that you have provided to us is We will take steps to inform you of our control over and processing of any requests, requests, requests, complaints and comments you may have.

We may disclose your personal information when

(a) If the disclosure is for the performance of a contract or in connection with the use of goods or services of We follow your request.

(b) Disclosure in the company group according to your objectives

(c) Disclosure to third party service providers, agents or organizations. that we have hired to perform any work according to the objectives mentioned above

      The objectives mentioned above are will continue to be enforceable As long as we have a relationship to each other in various circumstances (e.g. according to the terms of the contract) and such purposes will still be available. forced to remain until the situation is resolved or be changed to something else as appropriate (according to the period specified in the agreement or various contracts), storage and use of your personal information without your consent We will be able to do this only if personal data laws or any other related laws Our rights have been specified. and before we use your personal information for any other purposes. In addition to what has been specified above. We will always ask for your consent before using that personal information. (Unless the relevant law specifies otherwise)<

3. Withdrawal of consent

The consent you give for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information is will remain in effect. Until you have withdrawn your consent in writing to us. When we have received a letter of withdrawal of consent from you. It may take us a reasonable amount of time to process your request. We will inform you of the possible consequences of your withdrawal. your consent Including legal impacts that may affect your rights and duties towards us. It usually takes us some time to process. and respond to your requests Within a period of 30 days from the date we receive your consent withdrawal letter.

As we comply with your request to withdraw your consent. We may not be able to sell products or provide services to you. This depends on the nature and extent of your consent and if such an event occurs. We will notify you in advance before processing your request, but if you still wish to withdraw your consent. Please write to us your request. According to the steps and methods specified above.

In this regard, withdrawing your consent is It will not affect our rights to collect, use, and disclose personal information that has been collected, used, and disclosed without the need for your consent as required by relevant laws.

4. Access and storage of personal information

If you wish to (a) request a copy of your personal information that we hold or use or disclose, or (b) request that your personal information be corrected. or update your personal information, you can submit a written request. or send email To the Personal Data Protection Officer According to the details at Specified at the end of this announcement.

We will respond to your request as quickly as possible. We will respond to your request within 30 days from the date we receive your request. We will notify you in writing within 30 days if we have completed your request. But if we are unable to process personal data or If we are unable to process any of your requests, we will notify you of the reasons we cannot proceed. at your request (unless we are prohibited from making the disclosure under PDPA)

5. Protection of personal information

Protection of personal information from those who are not authorized to access, store, use, disclose, copy, edit, discard, or any other action that is at risk. We have managed it appropriately. Both physical and technical, such as regularly updating anti-virus programs. Set the encoding and use of privacy filters. private to maintain our security in the storage and transmission of personal information. and disclosure of information person to person inside and disclosing personal information to third party service providers authorized by us and our agents only as necessary.

However, please know that There is no way to send data over an intranet network or a way to store it. What electronic information to be perfectly safe Although we cannot guarantee This security is perfect. But we will strive to protect our information security systems and regularly review and improve our information security measures.

6. Accuracy of personal information

We usually store information that you have given us (or your authorization to do so) to ensure that your information is up to date. It is correct and accurate. Please update your information to the latest information if you have any changes to your personal information. Please notify the Personal Data Protection Officer. Our person is a book. or via email as we have specified below

7. Storage period

We usually keep your personal information for a long time. As long as it is necessary to proceed according to Our storage purpose or as specified by relevant laws. We will cancel the collection. or delete your personal information If we consider that Data storage That personal information is not consistent with our storage purpose. or the law does not require us to do so longer storage or storage is inconsistent with our business objectives.

8. Disclosure of your personal information

We may disclose your personal information to the group of companies. Foreign address However, we This will give you confidence that your personal information will still be protected to a standard no less than Standards set forth in the PDPA.

9. Personal Data Protection Officer

You can contact the Personal Data Protection Officer. or the Human Resources Department at any time if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the personal data policy. and various operating procedures, or if you wish to request us to take any related action Please contact via email of the Personal Data Protection Officer.


Send to : Personal Data Protection Officer

Contact location: No. 2126 Kromadit Building, 5th Floor, New Petchaburi Road, Bang Kapi Subdistrict, Huai Khwang District, Bangkok 10310