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Freight Forwarder - Import and Export - FCL & LCL

MITSUI-SOKO THAILAND GROUP is a leading provider of logistics services in Thailand, offering premium shipping services and competitive freight rates to various parts of the world. Our highly trained professionals are equipped to serve your shipping needs, and with our extensive network of both domestic and international offices, we can provide door-to-door services to nearly any destination worldwide.

As one of the key NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) companies, we specialize in tailor-made solutions to meet individual customer requirements. This includes vendor consolidation, buyer consolidation, non-resident operations, and the seamless execution of export and import operations on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we offer a wide range of flexible scheduling options to accommodate delivery timing and convenience.

We provide sea and air freight transportation services to destinations including Japan, Southeast Asia, China, the USA, South America, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond, leveraging our network of offices.

With over a century of industry experience, we deliver reliable, predictable services of the highest standards. Our international network ensures seamless transportation across the globe through our Combined Transport Bill of Lading (CTBL) or Seaway Bill. We specialize in handling a wide range of products, from electrical goods to automotive parts, food, medical supplies, and more.

Trust us to provide consistent, high-quality service as you navigate international trade and logistics in Thailand and beyond.

Our scope of Freight Forwarder services include the following:

Mitsui-Soko offers a wide range of freight Forwarding services.

A) FCL and LCL bookings.
B) Door to Door multimodal services.
C) Conventional, break bulk and project shipments.
D) Direct services to and from major ports.
E) Storage, consolidation and deconsolidation operations.

Mitsui Soko is a leading international freight forwarder in Thailand

We are a leading international freight forwarding company in Thailand. Forwarder, Warehousing, Land transportation, Customs Clearance, Sea freight (NVOCC) / Airfreight and forwarding.

The principles of freight forwarding are premised on the efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods that are maintained in good condition throughout their travels.

Contact to our expert team, specialized in freight forwarding and supply-chain optimization to improve your freight forwarding and increase your profitability using professional solutions.

Our head office is in Bangkok.

The advantages of our freight forwarding service

Freight Forwarding for import and export including Vendor and Supplier consolidation for supporting your Supply chain management with Vendor Consolidation and Supplier Consolidation.

We have skilled and experienced in the various fields, such as automotive parts export consolidation,and/or Electric manufacture service, Food Materials , Non Hazard Chemical products.

Based in our warehouses in port Bangkok, Laemchabang we will propose you the consolidation of your multiple vendors and suppliers to completer export shipping including labeling of shipping marks according to your requirements, and execute export operations on your behalf.

Even if you are a non-resident of Thailand, we will act as your agent and faithfully receive the cargo from the supplier in Thailand, temporary storage in our warehouse, export labeling, customs clearance, transportation to the port.

In addition, we can make booking for sea freight transportation and air freight to the destination in the whole world according to your needs, such as Japan and Southeast Asia, the United States, North and South America, Middle East and European countries in our network worldwide. This brings sustainable added value to your business.

Furthermore, from Thailand across the border to Malaysia or Singapore, we shall provide cross border transportation services, and we also provide long distance domestic transportation in Thailand between Bangkok, Laemchabang, Chiangmai etc.

Freight forwarding Services Provided at Bangkok, Laem Chabang and Chiangmai Office:

A) Customs Clearance for Export and Import.
B) Successfully import chemicals classified as “DG Cargo” by applying for licenses from relevant government authorities beforehand.
C) Provide advice services for all types of chemical products (DG and Non-DG cargo) before importing as well as preparing special storage.
D) Handle frequent shipments of food products and complete the complex Customs Clearance, FDA Inspection and application of FDA License.
E) Have experience in customs procedures in preparing import declaration for Tax benefits in using Form FTA.
F) Negotiated with Excise Tax department to refund penalty of VAT that occurred when BOI imported cargo was found to have damage.
G) Successfully transported 30,000kgs machine from Bangkok Port to Customer Factory.
H) Handled export shipment of famous consumer products using good quality container, and careful transporting.
I) Corresponded to late night operation and twenty-four hours pick-up job.
J) Have exported consumer electronic products, such as television, around 200 containers per month, printer around 400 containers per month.
K) Have cross border service to Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, China.
L) Ocean (Sea) Freight forwarding, NVOCC service from/to all over the world
M) Domestic transportation service in Thailand.
N) Air Freight forwarding, service from/to all over ther world.
O) Have 3PL Services can proposals focusing on operations, based on location, cost, and quality.

Commodities we have handled for Import:

A) Cars & automotive parts.
B) Construction materials.
C) Chemicals.
D) Electronic goods & component parts.
E) Cosmetics.
F) Furniture.
G) Mold.
H) Foods & beverages.
I) Machinery, tool and equipments.

Commodities we have handled for Export:

A) Resin.
B) Air bag.
C) Chemicals & DG cargo.
D) Electronic goods such as color TV, printer.
E) Cosmetics.
F) Furniture.
G) Kitchenware.
H) Copper.
I) Sanitary ware.
J) Textile.
K) Heavy machine.
L) Reefer cargo .
M) Frozen vegetables,  dried fruits such as cocoa bean, etc..
N) Household cargo moving.

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification:

Having acquired AEO certificate to customs simplifications are recognised as a secure and safe business partner, get improved relations with Customs and other government authorities, reduce the chances of loss of goods, get a lower inspection cost.

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