Transportation Services in Thailand

MITSUI-SOKO THAILAND GROUP provide the most effective transportation considering the nature of the cargo, demanded lead time, quality and cost for the delivery.

We have our own trucks ready to transport customer goods speedily, carefully and efficiently anywhere in Thailand. Our team support customer’s supply chain management with our stock control management and providing them time sensitive delivery to meet product demands and deadlines. We frequently deliver resins, consumer electronic products and other materials.

Cross-border Transportation:

Our company have frequent shipments in cross-border transportation to countries such as from/to China, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries. The delivery destinations in Thailand across the North, South, East, and West.

We have experience in carrying a variety of products from high-tech products to metal material. The products we carry require clean, safe containers and careful transportation. Our team carefully checks the condition of container and truck before every shipment, to ensure that the commodity will be kept safe regardless of weather or any outside situation.

Why use Cross-border Transportation:

Customers use our cross-border transportation for variety of reasons.
- When transporting to countries that doesn’t have a port for sea transportation. Ex.) Laos
- When sea transportation is more costly.
- When delivery place is very far from port.
- When schedule is tight, and there are no available space on vessel to carry customer commodities.

Nationwide Route Map:

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