Customs Brokerage in Thailand

MITSUI-SOKO THAILAND GROUP boasts a wealth of expertise in customs brokerage, both on the global and domestic stages. With a presence in Thailand dating back to 1988, we possess deep-rooted familiarity with international and local customs procedures and documentation. Our long-standing commitment to professionalism has solidified our standing as a highly regarded customs broker. Our seasoned team excels in swiftly and efficiently clearing your consignments, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. 

Our complete range of services includes the following

A) Attendance to customs clearance of consignments for cross border deliveries (Thailand/Singapore) and for imports and
exports through sea ports or airports.
B) Documentation and clearance for LMW (Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse) and ordinary imports/exports, for warehouses,
transhipment or projects (movement of machinery & equipment) and LCL or FCL shipments.
C) Import declaration, classification of goods and duty assessment for dutiable and high value items.
D) Consultancy/advisory services, application for warehouse and LMW licenses/Trade facilitations.
E) Application for a variety of import permits from Ministry of Trade and Industry, processing Form D etc.
F) Unlock Tax Privileges with Our Customs Brokerage services with our rich experience of:
-Refund under Section 29
-Board of Investment (BOI) support
-Tax Coupons and Special Privileges
-Free Trade Zone Expertise


The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification:

Having acquired AEO certificate to customs simplifications are recognised as a secure and safe business partner, get improved relations with Customs and other government authorities, reduce the chances of loss of goods, get a lower inspection cost.

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